Baar & Bass X Drilles

If you had to pick one colour of Drilles to wear forever what would it be?
The Portobello Pink, I have barely taken them off my feet since I first got the samples and people literally stop me on the street to ask where they are from.
Most treasured item of clothing in your wardrobe?
A bright red vintage ESCADA evening coat I bought in one of those weird LA consignment stores for about £20 years ago- it is the most beautiful cut and completely irreplaceable.
Why is Baar & Bass your favourite stockist?
As a company we are based in Kensington & Chelsea, so it feels right that we are stocked locally. And quite frankly I could buy anything in the store (it’s dangerous) so I know we share the same taste – I can’t think of a single piece of clothing in Baar and Bass that wouldn’t work brilliantly teamed with a pair of Drilles!
Who would be your dream brand ambassadors for Drilles?
Paul Newman and Grace Kelly.. I’m inspired by that kind of old school simple chic, and I am imagining them both strolling along in Cannes in matching baby blue numbers.
Desert Island – what three things would you pack first?
Other than my day-making pink Drilles? My straw fedora by Jess Collett to prevent me looking like a lobster in seconds, and a pen and the biggest notepad I could find – even though I’ve set up a fashion label I’ll always be a writer at heart.
If you could go home with one thing from Baar and Bass what would it be?
Maybe a blue stripe voyager bag by Eddie Harrop. That with some smart blue Drilles and you’d be guaranteed an upgrade at check in, right?
Where would you like to see Drilles in 10 years time?
I’d love for us to become the go-to casual/smart/go anywhere shoe, and to be seeing our little signature heel dots (we call them our ‘drill’) all over pavements from the King’s Road to Venice Beach.