Jamie McDonald on The Brampton

The Brampton

The Brampton


The gorgeous Jamie McDonald stopped by Baar and Bass earlier this week to talk about his new incredibly exciting venture The Brampton, an idyllic secluded lodge situated on the Hudson river among 10 acres of the most stunning woodland.

To sum it up in one sentence:

“The Brampton is an all year round lifestyle adult camp for up to 20 people hosting private parties, corporate team-building events and curated weekend events”. In short a paradise for those wanting to get away from it all yet still be active and have fun.

Jamie upped sticks to New York 6 years ago to continue his job as a hedge fund manager on Wall Street; in 2014, he left the world of Finance completely in search of start up projects to get involved in. Jamie also moonlights as a radio and TV presenter and is an avid traveler and adventurer. Jamie and Maddie are close friends and travelled to Cuba together last New Year. Jamie is one of the most charming and engaging people you will ever meet and his drive and enthusiasm for life is incredibly contagious. We wish him every success and want to thank him for his continued support of us all here at Baar and Bass.


The Brampton

Jamie in Baar and Bass wearing new season Frangipani Montana Calor Shirt

The Brampton

Maddie in Cuba New Year 2015


What’s your inspiration behind the Brampton?


The Brampton is essentially adult camp for New Yorkers who still haven’t grown up which, fortunately for us, covers about 95% of the city’s inhabitants. On a more personal level, it was also a direct result of needing to have more to my weekend that planning where to have brunch and then dinner and which bars to visit in between. I’m joking, but only slightly; the fact is that New York City is a concrete jungle and we all need to spend more time in nature, and an activity lodge struck me as the perfect solution. 


The Brampton


Dream Brampton guest:


A personal hero of mine called Daniel Kahneman who won a Nobel Prize in Behavioral Economics. Kahneman’s a modern day genius who makes the significant conclusion, among many, that we overlook the activity of simply ‘spending time with friends’ – that always gets my vote. 


Five top travel essentials:


A plethora of podcasts – it revolutionized the way I travel more than anything. 

Solid looking backpack – don’t be the guy pulling his hand luggage. It’s embarrassing. 

Shirt and tie – always travel smart. 

My IWC Pilot watch – I’ve never been able to pull off jewelry so this is all I have. 

Lots of room in your bag to buy stuff when you’re there. 


Next trip you have planned:


Cuba – I spend a lot of time down there and am in love with the country. I strongly believe it’s going to be the most fascinating country to be involved with within out lifetimes. The talent pool there is astonishing in so many fields and we all just hope the mild introduction of capitalism doesn’t squander it. 


One thing you couldn’t live without:


Jennifer Lawrence. Well, her and oxygen. 

Or more seriously, Desert Island Discs – I’m an addict. 



Describe your style:


Isn’t that for you to say?

I never took fashion seriously until more recently; I tend to go for jeans, t shirt and a bomber length jacket. What styles that? J Bieber meets J Dean, I feel I’m in that sweet spot. J Mac. 


What does Baar and Bass represent for you:


I pretend I do, but I just don’t like shopping. I’m a huge fan of Urban Outfitters because they curate so well and this is what Baar and Bass do too. They do the shopping for you and that’s what makes B&B my go to place to buy things for both myself and my family. It’s a place I can go to and know I will never be disappointed. 


The Brampton


Ideal woman’s style:


Winona Ryder meets Kelly Kapowski from Saved by the Bell. I think I just realized I was born in the wrong decade.. 


Who would play you in a film:


Michael J Fox back in the day. Short, cheeky and needs to do Hollywood films to a) impress girls and b) get the amount of attention required to satisfy his incessant need.


NYC best kept Secret:


Lovely Day – a tiny neighborhood restaurant that never fails to deliver and happens to be right on my door step. 


The Brampton


If you could take one thing home from Baar and Bass what would it be?


It would have to be one of your own brand candles which I have in fact just purchased and will be taking home with me. Will look great at The Brampton.


The Brampton


What’s next for the Brampton brand?


We’ve been so lucky even in our first year – we have so many people asking for collaborations. We have a Reiki healer coming next weekend. I had to look up what Reiki was; and even now I’m not so sure. We continue to expand on the event front to get more people trying new things in the Great Outdoors.


The Brampton

For all enquires or marriage proposals please contact Jamie