RottenRoach x Baar and Bass

Check out Rotten Roach’s post about when they caught up with our lovely Maddie!

We popped by Baar and Bass the beautiful treasure trove on the Kings road to catch up with owner gorgeous owner Maddie Chesterton . When she’s not creating beautiful windows with Bella Freud, Rotten Roach, Claudia Schiffer and Rixo pieces, you can find her curating books, sunglasses and bikinis for her St Tropez store.



What’s your go to drink? Picante De la Casa

What do you Treasure? My parents wedding rings which they had made into a beautiful necklace for me .

The most worn item in your closet? Missoni Converse

Favourite colour or pattern? Yellow

One beauty product you swear by? Liz Earle Face Spritz

Snack? Cheeseburger

What Skill do you wish you had? To speak lots of languages

Fave place in the world? St Barts

If you could be anything right now what would it be? Mexico eating ceviche

Best Advice? Everything happens for a reason

Ultimate Crush? Ryan Gosling

If you had one wish? World Peace